Squares Around Victoria
The official journal of the V.S.D.A. is called “Squares Around Victoria” or, as it is more commonly known, the “SAV”.  The current version is produced as an A5 magazine with approximately 30 pages per month and contains all the latest information on clubs & Square Dancing in Victoria.  It also advertises events for the clubs, the V.S.D.A., the Victorian Callers Association (V.C.A.) & the Round Dance Association of Victoria (R.D.A.V.), along with containing reports from the clubs & associated bodies.
Squares Around Victoria is currently published 12 times a year (as from 1/1/18).  Previously, there were only 10 issues per year.  The SAV was first started in 1972 in a 
quarto-sized format.  It was hand-typed on stencils and then printed on an old Gestetner-type machine, before being collated & stapled.  A lot of dedication was needed to produce each copy.  Today’s modern version is now produced on a laptop computer before being emailed to a printer, who produces the beautiful magazine we get today.  These are then couriered back to the editor to be enveloped, addressed & mailed for subscribers to receive at the beginning of each month.  Since the start of 2019, a pdf version has been available via email for members.
Old issues of the S.A.V. are available by clicking the link here.......  

Enquiries - Please contact the Editor: 
Ann Dugdale, (03) 9870 0453 or sav.editor@gmail.com
Forward Advertising Copy to:
sav.editor@gmail.com   or   14 Grayling Cres, Croydon, Vic, 3136
*Copy preferably to be in Publisher or jpeg. 
*Other formats (inc. Word, Excel, etc., will need
to be converted & may incur a loss of clarity.)


                              Inside Pages              1st Issue        2nd Issue       3rd & any Additional Issues

                                                                                   (less 25%)       (less 50%)

                              Full Page - A5             $53.00           $39.75             $26.50

                              Half Page - A5            $32.00           $24.00             $16.00


                              Inside Back Cover   (Yearly, subject to availability)

                              1/3 Page - A5       $150.00     $12.50 per Issue/12 Issues for the year


** Please Note -
Discounts only apply to multiple issues of the same Advertisement placed at one time.

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