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National Square Dance Society of Australia Inc
Reg No: A0058827L


The National Square Dance Society of Australia is made up of representation from all 
State Square Dance Societies and Associations in Australia.


The aim is to co-ordinate the promotion of Square Dancing Australia wide.


     The Society is also responsible for:


Click here for the National Society Website

Victorian Callers Association


Contact the Secretary:  Mike Davey

Email:        Phone: (03) 9590 0550

Round Dance Association of Victoria


Round Dancing is choreographed "cued" ballroom dancing, and sometimes is included

at Square Dance Clubs.  Dancers are taught the basic steps by a Cuer, who then

prompts a sequence of choreographed steps in time with the music.


Click here for the R.D.A.V. Website


Australian Callers Federation


The Australian Callers Federation (A.C.F.) operates within Australia

as a federation of Square Dance callers and their organisations.

It provides leadership and coordination in its role as a national body.


Click here for the A.C.F. Website

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