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About Us


The Victorian Square Dancing Association Inc. is the Square Dancer's representative body in Victoria.

There are approximately 30 clubs inVictoria and these are run either by

a Caller (Square Dancing) or Cuer (Round Dancing) 

or in some cases, by the Club members who employ the Callers and Cuers.

There are also two other representative bodies in Victoria - 

  • Victorian Callers Association Inc. (representing the interests of the Callers)

  • Round Dance Association of Victoria (representing the Round Dancers and Cuers)


The V.S.D.A. currently runs 3 functions per year, those being:

The V.S.D.A.Members Dance - August: "Free" entry for Member's

The V.S.D.A. Annual November Dance - November: usually a Supper Dance

The V.S.D.A. Victorian State Convention - March: a 3 or 4 day weekend of dancing


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