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52nd V.S.D.A. State Convention


10th - 13th March 2023  -  San Remo


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50th  V.S.D.A. State Convention


8th - 11th March 2019  -  Melbourne



50th  V.S.D.A. State Convention


Carmel Sinclair (far left) & Dianne Morris (far right)

Guests of Honour:

Ian Becker (centre left) & Hazel Clarke (centre right)


50th  V.S.D.A. State Convention


Laurina Collyer performing one of the Dress Set Singing Calls


50th  V.S.D.A. State Convention

Just some of the sets taking part in the Dress Set section


50th  V.S.D.A. State Convention

Janice Alexander calling the second Dress Set number

XX 2018 State Conv.jpg

The theme for the weekend was "Medieval" - Callers & Dancers enjoyed dressing in theme.

XX State Conv 2.jpg

Les  Tulloch (SA) calling

XX State Conv 1.jpg

Dancers enjoying the Theme Night 

2018 Members Dance_edited.jpg

2018 Member's Dance

2018 Australiana B-day_edited_edited.jpg

2018 Australiana Dancers' Birthday

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