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Dance Programs / Levels

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Callerlab is an international organization of square dance callers.  They provide guidance and education, certify caller coaches, as well as maintain standardized lists of calls and definitions.


Dance Programs  - There are a number of Dance Programs, each following on from the one before.



Currently danced in Victoria-


Basic  - Basic List  - Basic Definitions


Mainstream  - Mainstream List  -  Mainstream Definitions


Plus  - Plus List  - Plus Definitions


Advanced 1 (A1) & Advanced 2 (A2)  - Advanced List  - Advanced Definitions



There are further programs that are danced around the world and information can be found via the "Dance Programs" link above -

     - Challenge 1 (C1)

     - Challenge 2 (C2)

     - Challenge 3A (C3A)

     - Challenge 3B (C3B)

     - Challenge 4 (C4)

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