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The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated" strives for complete compliance with the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 while striving to provide the best possible service to our members across a range of events or functions.
We collect personal information in the course of conducting our business.
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will use your information primarily to provide you with the events or functions you have requested. 
We will also use the information to let you know about our events or functions.
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” understands the importance of privacy. 
We will not sell your information.
We will not disclose your information to anyone unless required to do so by law.
To find out what personal information The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” holds about you and, if necessary, to ask us to update the information or make corrections, you can email via the "Contact Page" link or write to:
     The Secretary, 


     PO Box 8175


     Victoria 3136

Who is The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” comprises a number of trading names that include:
Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated & Squares Around Victoria.

What does “personal information” mean?
Personal information is broadly defined to mean any information or opinions about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained from the information or opinion.
What type of personal information does The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” collect?
Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses.
Why is The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” collecting personal information?
Collecting personal information is essential for The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” to conduct our business.
By collecting your personal information, The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” can set up and advise you of upcoming events or functions you might be interested in.
Collection of personal information also helps The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” to improve the events or functions we are able to offer our members.

How is the personal information collected?
Where possible, the “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” collects your personal information directly from you. Collection might take place when you register for any events or functions or join or renew your membership of this association.
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will sometimes collect your information from other sources. 
We will not collect personal information about you without your consent.
You can give us your consent verbally or in writing.

How is the personal information disclosed?
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will only disclose your personal information in limited circumstances. We will disclose it if we have your consent. We will disclose the information to related associations in order to provide you with similar events or functions you have requested in
the past. We might also be authorised or required by the law to disclose your information.

Direct marketing
We might from time to time use your personal information to provide you with information about the range of our events or functions.
At any time after you give us your consent to use your personal information, you can change your mind.
You can tell us that you do not wish to have your information used as a basis for further contact with you.
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will respect your wishes.
We will not use your information to send you any marketing not related to The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” and our activities.
Ensuring personal information is up-to-date
We rely on personal information to conduct our business. Therefore, it is essential that the information is accurate at all times and up to date. 
Should there be any change to personal information during the course of conducting business you can contact the “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” to update the records.
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will take reasonable steps to ensure personal information is kept up to date.

Security and storage
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” takes all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. 
We employ a number of protective measures, including:
- Restricted access to personal information
- Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
- Regular reviewing of the company’s technology to improve security levels
When we no longer require your information, our policy is to destroy the information or delete it from our system.

Access to personal information
You may request access to your personal information by writing to the Association Secretary.
You will have to pay an administrative charge and we may require up to 28 days to comply with your request.

Transfer overseas
The “Victorian Square Dancing Association Incorporated” will not transfer your personal information outside of Australia.

Sensitive information
We do not collect or store “sensitive information”. This includes information about your race or ethnic origin, professional or trade memberships, criminal record or health information.

2018 Copyright V.S.D.A. Inc.

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