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V.S.D.A. Forms:

V.S.D.A. State Convention - 2020 Registration Form


Membership / S.A.V. Subscription - 2021 Form


Reimbursement Form - Reimbursement Form


Nomination for V.S.D.A. Committee - 2021 Form

Sound Supply Contract for V.S.D.A. Functions - Contract Form

Proxy Form for Annual/Special General Meetings - Proxy form

Business Items:

V.S.D.A. Incorporations Certificate

"Memorandum of Understanding" between

the V.S.D.A., the V.C.A & the R.D.A.V.

Rules of the V.S.D.A.

(Model Rules as adopted in 2013)

By-laws of the V.S.D.A.

(Operational By-laws as adopted in 2013)